Via Algarviana

The Algarve from East to West

Why walk?

Hiking signifies a return to our roots, to an original form of life and to our innate speed. It repeatedly reminds us that we are merely guests on this planet; on this earth that we have subdued. Wouldn’t we do better to see ourselves just as part of the whole: with nature, the forests, the animals, with all our earth’s resources? And that’s why we go walking. Also to see with our own eyes how the countryside develops from year to year. When we go walking, our thoughts become sharper. All our senses are awake and feel, see, smell, hear and taste nature. We notice how we become one

with the mountain streamin which we bathe, and when we sit down on a meadow of flowers for a snack. We think about where this life will lead us in the future. Walking is an important part of our lives. Along the way, we meet farmers, shepherds, beekeepers and many others – and we find common ground in conversation and by sharing a meal. There are lots of paths we can walk along, but My Via-Algarviana, which leads from Portugal’s border with Spain to Europe’s south-western cape, is unique. This old pilgrims’ path is about 330 kilometres long. It takes us 14 or 15 days to walk it.

Land and People

Walkers are travellers, and see their movement as authentic, honest and sustainable. Hikers get around at a natural speed.Walkers travel under their own steam, mentally and physically, also holistically, and they take time....

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Flora and Fauna

Hiking the Algarve: There are about 400,000 people living in an area of 5,411 km2. The Atlantic to the south of Portugal lies between the land mass of northern Europe and the north of Africa with its desert regions...

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My Via-Algarviana

Every walk begins with the first step. The first time, we take two weeks off. We divide the route into three legs, each taking four or five days. We walk through oceans of blossoming cistus, find shade under centuries-old cork oaks...

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