What should I take with me on my hike?

  • A good rucksack and no more than 10 kilos of luggage.
  • Important things are: one pair of long trousers and one pair of shorts, two shirts, one pullover, two pairs of non-slip socks made of wool/flax and breathable, waterproof, ankle-covering footwear.
  • Water bottle, hiking staff, light sandals, towel and swimwear, olive (kernel) soap, toothbrush.
  • Rainwear, headgear, scarf or cloth, some underwear, sunglasses, whistle, compass.
  • First aid kit, with plasters for blisters, ointment for bee stings, magnesium tablets, sun and foot creams.
  • Mobile phone with charger, writing material, a good book, map.
  • Glucose, chocolate or carob, a bag with nuts, almonds, dried figs, raisins etc.
  • Ear-plugs against snorers; sewing-kit, penknife.
  • Small hip-flask for medronho brandy.
  • N.B.: take as little as possible that you don’t need.

Good advice doesn’t come cheap. At this point, there is no hidden advertising for equipment suppliers, or clothes and shoe manufacturers. Most of you will know from experience WHERE to get WHAT you need for your hike. I only recommend small local suppliers, clothes and shoe manufacturers. On request, I can provide some tips.

Walking dates 2018/9 on request